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In compliance with the United States international laws and the State of Massachusetts general laws, the laws of the countries we are going to operate, the Community United For Health And Prevention doing business as cufhap will engage in the following activities.

A- We will coordinate the programs with other international Health Organizations participating in the project to do the following:

1-Training of technicians: We will train them to do accurate blood pressure.
2- We will provide free blood pressure screening in the State of Massachusetts and in Countries where we are going to implement the ZIKA virus program. The target population will be shelters, churches, jails and other places.
3- Refer the cases of high blood pressure and low blood pressure to appropriate health care providers.

B-the Community United For Health And Prevention has two subdivisions: IPOZIKAMDE (International project of ZIKA mosquito disease eradication) and IPOZIKAVV (International project od ZIKA virus vaccination.

IPOZIKAMDE activities:

1- Training of technicians: We will provide the technicians information about how to use insecticides.

2- With The Governments approval, we will spray the public places first with appropriate insecticides approved by EPA. We will target Governments building,schools, churches.

3- Under the residents informed consent and signature with the Government approval, we will relocate the residents from their respective household for two days. This intervention will be implemented following the client informed consent and signature as well the support of the governments of the countries.

Information: the residents will return to their respective household in about two days following the intervention. The IPOZIKAMDE intervention is intended to kill the mosquito hiding in the shadow of houses waiting to bite.The IPOZIKAMDE will be done simultaneously in each city of the State from the border to the center and from the center to the border. The goal is to prevent the mosquito living in the cities to fly to the neighboring countries. We will then contain the mosquitoes to the forest where they belong.

IPOZIKAVV activities:

The Community United For Health And Prevention will operate under the CDC guidelines and the Laws of the Countries to implement the IPOZIKAVV( International project of ZIKA mosquito disease vaccination) program.We will coordinate with other world Health care Organizations participating in the program to implement the global vaccination campaign. We will then do the following:

1-Training of technicians: We will make the technicians competent enough in a short period of time to inject a vaccine under aseptic condition and following the CDC guidelines.

2- Implement the global vaccination campaign together with other World Health care organizations

Information: The IPOZIKAVV intervention will help the people develop antibody against the ZIKA virus. We will implement the program under CDC guidelines. The intervention will be done following the client informed consent and signature as well as Government approval.

Both projects IPOZIKAMDE and IPOZIKAVV combined are the perfect choice to decrease the incidence of the ZIKA virus epidemic around the world.

Research Activities:

1- Studying the survivors of the ZIKA virus infection

The Community United For Health And Prevention will studying the children with microcephaly survivors of the ZIKA virus infection. We will compare them with children with microcephaly born from non infected mothers. We will study their knowledge, their attitude beliefs and behavior in order to find them a good place in our society.

2- Program Evaluation Research

The Community United For Health And Prevention will design a program evaluation research aiming at studying the success of both programs IPOZIKAMDE and IPOZIKAVV.

Epidemiological studies

The Community United For Health And Prevention incorporated will design epidemiological studies such as retrospective cohort studies and prospective cohort study in order to study in depth the ZIKA virus

Sero-prevalence survey research and surveillance.

CDC has already a sero-prevalence program. Every week, they publish the number of new cases of pregnant women infected by the ZIKA virus.Their source of information is Pregnancy Registries. They also report every week the number of new cases of ZIKA virus.Source: ZIKA virus cases reported to Arbonet. We will continue to follow the weekly report of CDC in the United States and we will implement a sero-prevalence and surveillance program abroad and we will report to CDC.


CDC has already in place an education program for travelers, education of pregnant women, sexual transmission of the ZIKA virus. All what we have to do id to continue to follow the education program of CDC and increase the people's awareness about the ZIKA virus epidemic.

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